The Lutheran Media Ministry in partnership with the Peach Lutheran Church, located in Ayikope, organized a two-night evangelism outreach (film show) at Ayikope in the Greater Accra Region on 30th and 31st March 2017. Ayikope is a small community in Sapeiman, a suburb of Accra, with majority of the inhabitants being Ewes and full of young people. About a hundred and fifty came to watch the show with some watching from their shops and others standing in front of their houses to watch.

Some we interacted with after the show shared with us about how they became afraid that they will end up in hell fire if they continued in their current lifestyles. Others expressed relief that after all they could also be forgiven of their sins and be saved because of what Jesus Christ has done.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, a total of sixty young people gave their lives/rededicated their lives to Jesus Christ, twenty of whom had never been to church before. These souls have been connected to the Peace Lutheran Church for nurturing and growth in the house of the Lord.

We thank the Lord Jesus Christ, who saves us not with perishable things like silver or gold, but with his precious blood which has no defect of any kind (1 Peter 1:18-19), and draws men unto Himself when His name is lifted (John 12:32).

We pray that by His spirit, these souls will be established permanently in His house that they may not go back to the world, which has nothing good to offer them. Amen!

Some pictures from the event:


To the glory of God, the people of Nyamekrom, a suburb of Koforidua in the Eastern Region of Ghana benefitted from Lutheran Media Ministry’s free eye screening service in partnership with St. Thomas Eye Clinic and the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (Christ’s Congregation, Nyamekrom) from 22nd – 24th February, 2017.

Six hundred and eighty-eight people comprising men (139), women (301), and children (248) received eye medication and/or spectacles and eye care education at no cost. Twenty-two (22) of this total were also referred for surgery at no cost. Many also had the opportunity to be counselled and prayed for, while others heard the Gospel and received Christ.

We thank God for a successful outreach. May God bless all our donors, volunteers and partners for their contributions.

Some pictures of the exercise:

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Glory be to Jesus! The Ministry organized a two day film show event at Amrahia-Dodowa in the Greater Accra Region on 26th and 27th January, 2017 to propagate the Gospel. The Film Show, titled “AFTER RAPTURE” depicted the story of Christians who were raptured and people who professed to be Christians but led their lives their “own ways” and how they lost the opportunity to be raptured.

It was a beautiful scene as people watched the movie with rapt attention from across the street and stood right there to accept Christ during the altar call. A total of 34 people gave their lives to Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. We pray that as these souls are thought the word of God, they will apply and be established in the Lord. Some pictures of the event:dsc_1428 dsc_1429 dsc_1435 dsc_1438 dsc_1444 dsc_1445 dsc_1446 dsc_1447 dsc_1461 dsc_1471 dsc_1472 dsc_1474 dsc_1476 dsc_1486 dsc_1488 dsc_1499 dsc_1502 dsc_1505 dsc_1508 dsc_1513 dsc_1516 dsc_1523 dsc_1525 dsc_1538 dsc_1539 dsc_1540 dsc_1541 dsc_1542 dsc_1543


In November each year, Lutheran Media Ministry, Ghana (LMMG) selects one community and organizes a Soup Kitchen for them. The Soup Kitchen aims at cooking and serving hot meals/soft drinks to members of the selected community as well as share clothes, shoes etc. after winning and dining. Five months after Akpafu-Odomi had benefited from the Ministry’s Letter-by-Letter Reading Clinic, it was deemed fit that they benefit from the Soup Kitchen after a series of discussions and considerations.

Once eyes were set on a coach arriving in the town, the community just knew it was LMMG. The hearts of both young and old leapt for joy! Akpafu-Odomi, a cocoa farming community in the highlands of the Volta region had not forgotten LMMG.

Led by the assembly man for the area, Honorable John Obimpeh, the team’s first point of call was the residence of Nana Tetteh Attu IV, Chief of Akpafu-Odomi and Adontenhene of the Akpafu Traditional Area. After necessary salutations were made, he recounted to Nana the team’s first engagement with the community in June 2016 and briefly told him about LMMG’s desire to fete the entire community thus their comeback.

Miss Olivia Akumani-Adegbe, Audience Relations Manager of LMMG thanked the chief for accepting the team into the community and gave highlights of the Soup  Kitchen event which aimed to cook, serve and dine with the community as Christmas approaches. It was scheduled to start with a crusade to preach the word of God in the evening on Thursday, 24th November, 2016 and climaxed on Friday, 25th November, 2016 with the Soup Kitchen event. Clothes, shoes and others were also to be distributed to members of the community.

Upon entry into the compound of the two schools that benefited from the Letter-by-Letter Reading Clinic in June this year, the pupils of Akpafu L/A Primary School and Evangelical Presbyterian School clinged on to the coach and would not let go. The driver had to stop so as not to drive through the increasing number of pupils who abandoned class and ran towards the vehicle to welcome the team. With thunderous and never-ending shouts of Hallelujah Hallelujah, Hallelujah the pupils could not hide their joy at the team’s comeback.

The headmaster and headmistress of both schools respectively applauded the team for their last impact and welcomed the idea for another event. Touching on the team’s first encounter with the community, they were both of high praise for LMMG’s initiative and effort and recognized the immense improvement of pupils through its Reading Clinic in June.

Miss Akumani-Adegbe after sharing a short word of exhortation with the pupils from 1 Tim 4:12 and interacting with them, announced the crusade to be organized in the evening and the soup kitchen on Friday 24th at noon and invited all to attend.

The crusade drew masses from their homes to the Jubilee Park in the community through melodious praise and worship songs.  By the inspiration of the Spirit of God, salvation and re-dedication of lives to Jesus was the order of the night – seven adults gave their lives to Christ for the first time while many, (both adults and youth rededicated their lives to Christ).  The programme was drawn to a close after a general prayer especially for the sick, whilst encouraging them to go back to their respective churches to be committed to building their personal relationships with God.

From dawn to dusk, staff and volunteers of LMMG with support from the assembly man and some young women of the community started early preparations to feed the community by noon on Friday. With all ingredients set to prepare a hot meal, cooking began in earnest. Before noon, food was ready to be served just in time for the arrival of all and sundry.

Pupils run to the Jubilee Park as they were dispersed from school, so did all other members of the community. In queues from young to old, the community danced their way to being served with hot meals and soft drinks saying thank you with a broad smile as each person was served. All seated at the park, everyone happily enjoyed their meal amidst music.

After meals and merry making came the time to share clothes. Clothes were arranged according to gender and age so everyone will benefit. Women and children especially were happy at such a gesture whilst making their choices.

Advising the community to be peaceful and united at all times, Miss Akumani-Adegbe said she loved the sight of the communal spirit in the community. “Put God first and let the peace and unity that dwells among you reign forever”, she concluded.

Some pictures of the two events below:

dsc_0109 dsc_0111 dsc_0112 dsc_0115 dsc_0121 dsc_0123 dsc_0128 dsc_0129 dsc_0139 dsc_0213 dsc_0215 dsc_0222 dsc_0229 dsc_0342 dsc_0415 dsc_0416 dsc_0417 dsc_0420 dsc_0421 dsc_0422 dsc_0431 dsc_0434 dsc_0443 dsc_0455 dsc_0458 dsc_0459 dsc_0460 dsc_0461 dsc_0462 dsc_0463 dsc_0482 dsc_9823 dsc_9835 dsc_9843 dsc_9846 dsc_9849 dsc_9855 dsc_9893 dsc_9943 dsc_9952 dsc_9975 dsc_9993


In providing the youth the requisite Christian mentorship in order to become the upright, truthful, responsible and God fearing leaders of our dear nation Ghana; the Ministry organized its Campus Ministry event dubbed: “THE WALK” on the theme: “CHOOSING A PASSIONATE CAREER FOR A STRESS FREE FUTURE” for the students of UPSA. This was done in partnership with WORD ON THE STREET (a non-denominational group with the aim of preaching the Good News in the Street in other to fulfill the Great Commission as seen in Matthew 28:19-20).

The Walk program seeks to empower the youth to be Christ centred leaders of tomorrow. The program helps groom and develop participants through seasoned and successful Christian personalities which takes the form of talk shows, conferences, seminars and other academic forums.

This year’s event was held on 4th November, 2016 at the Auditorium of UPSA. In her opening remark, Madam Olivia Akumani-Adegbe, Audience Relations Manager of Lutheran Media Ministry welcomed all students and explained the aim of the seminar on career guidance. She encouraged them to take advantage of such a platform to upgrade themselves and add value to their academic lives.

The guest speakers for the event were Rolland Kenneth Idun-PhD and Mr. Joshua Lomo of Brainx Africa Advisors in Accra.

In the first session, the speaker (Kenneth Rolland Idun PhD) stated that, it is evident that most students have no idea of what career they want to pursue in life. He encouraged the students to research more on the areas they want to concentrate on and also make deliberate effort to create a positive network of people, something they will need when they get out of school.

In the second session the group discussion method was used where the speakers led discussion on various aspects of career such as values and attitudes, desirable habits and skills etc. needed by them to cope with the changes in their environment. Participants were enlightened on various career opportunities which they could tap to upgrade their academic lives.

A total of eighty one students (81) were reached. The Leader for Word on the Street (UPSA), Mr. Joshua Minnah thanked the Ministry for creating such an opportunity for them to learn. “We look forward to more of such programs to strengthen our partnership” he concluded.

Some pictures of the event:

the-walk-seminar-27 the-walk-seminar-26 the-walk-seminar-25 the-walk-seminar-24 the-walk-seminar-23 the-walk-seminar-22 the-walk-seminar-21 the-walk-seminar-20 the-walk-seminar-18 the-walk-seminar-17 the-walk-seminar-16 the-walk-seminar-15 the-walk-seminar-14 the-walk-seminar-19 the-walk-seminar-12 the-walk-seminar-11 the-walk-seminar-10 the-walk-seminar-9 the-walk-seminar-8 the-walk-seminar-7 the-walk-seminar-6 the-walk-seminar-5 the-walk-seminar-4 the-walk-seminar-3 the-walk-seminar-2 the-walk-seminar-1




Christians are called to go into the world and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Film show has been one of the evangelism tools Lutheran Media uses in fulfilling this commandment to bring Christ to people.

The Orgome community, located in Somanya in the Eastern Region of Ghana is a small town surrounded by beautiful mountainous peninsula. It is a quiet and peaceful place. The community got connected to the Ministry through our Letter by Letter Reading Clinic exercise from 17th to 21st October, 2016. On the 20th October, 2016 the Ministry organized an evangelism film show for the community in partnership with St. Mary Anglican Church, Orgome.

The film, captioned:  “AFTER RAPTURE” portrayed the story of the end time and the fierce battle between the enemy and God’s children. It began rather uncertain as the equipment were being mounted, but gradually place got filled and before realizing, the whole place was crowded. Both children and adults clustered round the screen and watched the show with rapt attention, cheering voices and great applauds. It was a thrilling night for the people present as their mood gradually responded to the show.  There was interaction between some audience and volunteers after the show and those who needed additional information and counselling were provided.

The Altar call session gave people the platform to accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour. A total of one hundred and twenty people were reached.

Some pictures:








The Orgome community in the Eastern  region of Ghana opened its doors for the Lutheran Media Ministry’s (LMM)  Letter- By- Letter Reading Clinic from the 17th to 21st October, 2016.  The Orgome Anglican Basic School was the beneficiary.

The gesture was undertaken after feasibility studies conducted by the Ministry in September, 2016 revealed that the programme will benefit the school.

In a welcome address, Nene Azah II, chief of Orgome with the headmistress of the school expressed gratitude to LMM for creating such a programme to tackle reading and in essence English language especially in rural communities.

With volunteers numbering sixteen, one to each class; from kindergarten to the junior high school, the pupils were excited and prepared to ‘read away’.  Each volunteer engaged the pupils in phonetics, spelling, grammar and different appropriate reading exercises daily to help develop their reading skills for a week.

Pupils in each class were led to read, write and understand the English Language. Upper classes as well as the junior high school pupils were also taught how to use the dictionary to find meanings and proper pronunciations of words they found difficult to pronounce and understand. The pupils were enthused and their eagerness to actively participate in the exercise grew immensely with each passing day. A total of 351 school children benefited from the exercise.

A ‘Mentor-Mentee’ session fused with Religious and Moral Studies (RME) was also initiated right after English lessons in each class. The upper classes and junior high school were main targets for this particular exercise because they have reached puberty. This session was to bring pupils up to speed with issues regarding puberty and adolescent life as well as entreating them to be dependent on the word of God at all times.

It was a successful session as pupils, especially the girls gained confidence and opened up to volunteers about issues they faced which were mostly in terms of advances from the opposite sex. They were all implored to stay away from sexual immoralities and social vices on concentrate on their studies. Pupils who needed special attention with issues they raised were counselled appropriately, prayed for and referred to the headmistress for constant support in terms of guidance and counselling.

Presenting story books and textbooks to the school, team leader Kwesi Sapong said LMM will roll out more of such programmes to touch lives in deprived rural communities. He urged the headmistress and staff of the school to ensure that pupils continued to read and advocated for a reading hour before class begins each day.

The headmistress on behalf of the staff and pupils of the school expressed appreciation for the exercise as she accepted books donated to the school by LMM. She said the team had made a lot of impact and she noticed progress as she visited each class to see how the pupils and volunteers were making headway. She added that the school is opened for more of such exercise in the future and will take suggestions made into consideration. “This exercise will help improve academic performance considerably” she concluded.

Some pictures of the exercise:


dsc_9209 dsc_9061 dsc_9057 dsc_9055 dsc_8972 dsc_8964 dsc_8960 dsc_8958


dsc_9193 dsc_9187 dsc_9169 dsc_9150 dsc_9148 dsc_9143 dsc_9110 dsc_9107 dsc_9073 dsc_9069 dsc_9068 dsc_9061 dsc_9057 dsc_9055 dsc_9054 dsc_9053 dsc_9046 dsc_9042 dsc_9041 dsc_9028 dsc_9026 dsc_9022 dsc_9021 dsc_8997